Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon..

Hi.. Assalamualaikum. So today it's 6th June! How was your day? As for me, I went to Sunway with my classmates, Farah Aqilah and Aimi Najwa. Lol, see another Aqilah there? I know :3 We're so close before, till people get confuse with the Aqilahs. Haha. So, lets continue!

Farah and Aimi went out at 10, cause they're riding the train. Of course need to be early kan, lepas naik komuter pastu nak naik taxi lagi, and stuffs. So yes, as they were 'berhimpit' in the komuter, I was 'bersenang lenang' at home. Sounds cruel but true! *trollface.jpg*

So yes, I was a bit rush cause they're about to reach there, and I'm still with my tudungs. And the traffic was.. There were many cars but alhamdulillah they didn't affect my journey. Yea I admit I was late, sorry dear friend :/ But hey, we went there to have fun, kan? :D

Me in le car. *Oops sempat lagi*

So yea, meet them in front of Haagen Dazs, and we went straight away to the cinema. Was arguing about the movie that we'd like to watch along the journey. I wanna watch "Snow White & The Huntsman", Aimi wanna watch "Men In Black 3", and Farah wanna watch "Aku Ada, Kau Ada?" but those three movies were rejected among ourselves. Funny and stupid, ya i know :p

Lucky us cause there were still not many people lining up for the tickets. And we was still arguing about the movies too! And we're still can't decide which movie to watch even though we're at the counter. And unbelievable, movie Battleship yang dah lama tu pun still penuh lagi seats dia -.- So at last, we picked Snow White and The Huntsman! And see, who won? Me :P

But yeaa, our seats was second row from the screen. Hell yeah -___- Need to dongak all the time yknow. After that, we went to McD for lunch. Walking around admiring gorgeous shoes, and went to cinema for the movie. Combo 3 - popcorn, beverages and mineral water! *lol need motive*

After movie, went to Asian Avenue, admiring clothes, shoes, accessories and so on. And not to forget, those spectacles without glass, which is trending now. And it was expensive, padahal plastic je ponn. Dahla takde cermin pulak tu -.-

Since now is 'zaman kegemilangan' Chatime, so we decided to have a taste. So we bought Vanilla Milk Tea with bubbles, and yea, MILK TEA! Know what it tasted like? Teh tarik -_____- We're so couldn't read xD And we ended up regretting. Lol.

Haha what-ever. So yea, we went back with taxi and ktm. Haha my first time actually, riding the ktm with friends. Selama ni my mum never allow me to do so. Farah lagi lah, memang first time ever. Haha sumpah lawak. But anyway, there's picture of us. Enjoy and... Bye! :-)

Meet Aimi Najwa :-)

Meet Farah Aqilah :-)

Le short me :3