Sunday, July 1, 2012

Farewell post?

Hi... Assalamualaikum. Yes as you can see my post tittle, this might be a farewell post. I guessed. I hoped so. PMR is just another 100 days, and trial will be held about next month, more or less. I think its time for be to be serious, I mean to be serious, seriously. There are no more time to play around, yes I admit I was, I am and I would and I'm still afraid for the upcoming Trial and PMR.  

So.. yeap. I deactivated my Facebook's account today. Twitter? Hm.. Not for now I think. I don't know la, I just loved my twitter. Or maybe, I'm just not willing to do it. But insya-Allah, today would be the last day for me to online without reasons. Insya-Allah.. We meet again after PMR, after I struggled so hard, putting 150% effort on it, and after I obtained 8As for my PMR in 2012. Insya-Allah, amin ya rabbal alamin. Till we meet again ya people? Muah xx

Writing this post, 100days to PMR.